Vacuum Coating and Brush Painting machines

Palmer Primer design and manufacture Brush Coaters, Vacuum Coaters and Combined Vacuum Coating and Drying systems for use by the timber trade and mobile timber coating operators to apply primer, paint and stain onto MDF board and timber mouldings.

We have been specialising in the manufacture of timber and MDF coating equipment since 1969 and currently produce three types of timber and MDF painting machines.

Brush painting and Vacuum Coating machinery advantages:

Priming timber mouldings and MDF boards can be very profitable

Painting and priming timber mouldings and MDF board can be very profitable and offers an 'extra value' service to customers looking to improve quality and save money.

By coating your own mouldings such as architraves, skirting boards and window-boards you keep the whole process in-house, speed up the painting process and take control of quality - you could also substantially cut your costs compared to buying in primed timber and MDF boards from another supplier or by using a mobile timber priming service.

Timber painting and MDF coating machinery

Brush painting and Vacuum Coating equipment is used by timber importers, merchants, joinery manufacturers, picture frame manufacturers and mobile timber coaters for priming and painting timber mouldings and MDF board, using water and white spirit based primers, paints and stains.

Please select one of our timber & MDF painting & priming machines from below:

If you would like further information on any of the above brush coating and vacuum coating machinery, please contact us on 01623 793281 or fax to 01623 857955.