Brush Coater BC3 - Timber painting and priming machine

The latest Brush Coater from Palmer Primer has been designed specifically to suit the needs of timber merchants, timber importers, joinery manufacturers and mobile priming services and timber coaters looking to prime timber mouldings on a limited budget.
Brush Coater BC3

Brush Coater Advantages

This brush painting machine can, in one pass, apply a single coat of high quality water or white spirit based primer, paint, stain, or pigmented preservative to all sides and edges of timber and MDF mouldings, ranging in size from beading and quadrant to architrave, skirting board, 100mm square fence posts, or 250mm wide window board sections.

The main timber painting tank, spray chamber and guards are manufactured extensively from stainless steel, the spray chamber is longer to allow easier access, and the rear brush section which houses the brushes is longer for cleaning of the brush area and removal of the brushes.

This brush coater is a semi-portable electric motor driven timber coating machine has been carefully modified and improved since its introduction in 1972 to allow for quicker removal of all of the timber priming brushes for cleaning, whilst allowing for quick adjustment to cater for the various sizes of timber mouldings available today.

The filtration system has been improved to cope with more sawdust before needing to be cleaned.

The jets used for deluging the timber have been modified to apply a more even coating of paint primer, whilst reducing the chance of blocking. In the event that they do become blocked they can be quickly and easily removed and cleaned.

To adjust the brushes, remove jets, filter, or change the height of the top pinch roller is simple and straight forward and does not require the use of any special tools.

The standard timber feed speed through the machine is approx 36m per minute, we have found this speed to be adequate for a normal working day. If you require a faster or slower feed speed than this, we can modify the machine during the manufacturing stage.

The motor and pump access has been altered to allow for quicker and easier maintenance.

Using stainless steel for the sheet materials, and galvanising most other parts, makes for a very durable tough and profitable timber priming workhorse.

A considerable amount of effort has been put into ensuring that the use and maintenance of the Brush Coater are kept to a minimum.

Brush Priming Machine Specifications

One piece paint reservoir and spray chamber are manufactured from stainless steel.

The main frame is manufactured from box section steel which is galvanised to protect it from corrosion and to aid the cleaning down process at the end of each day.

The drive motor can be supplied with either a single phase or three phase type as standard, or 110v at extra cost.

The brushes used are hardwood backed with polypropylene filaments to give extremely long life - providing that they are cleaned after use!

The brushes are mounted on stainless steel stems to allow for quick and easy cleaning.

Brush Coater BC3 Dimensions (approx)

Length including conveyor
Width (working width)
Work take off height
Drive feed speed

36 metres per minute

Timber sizes (approx)

Minimum width
Minimum length
Maximum width
Maximum height

13mm quadrant

This brush coating machine will apply most water or white spirit based paints and stains providing that they have been recommended for use and are suitable for use with this timber painting and priming machine by the paint manufacturer.

The Brush Coater is based on two wheels and two swivel castors to allow for easy manoeuvrability and used by many mobile timber coater and timber priming services in the UK.

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