Painting MDF Mouldings

Painting MDF board (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a very interesting product to coat using water or white spirit based products and many MDF mouldings are ruined by the use of old-fashioned painting techniques which just don't work!
brush coater

Conventional brush application methods cause visible tram lines or ridges on MDF boards, caused by the paint running between the bristles and being absorbed into the fibres of the MDF moulding. Hand or automated spraying can produce an excellent finish on the moulding, but the paint wastage into the spray booth can be rather high, and productivity is not great.

Another problem encountered when applying paint to MDF mouldings is fibre lifting.

Primary causes for fibre-lifting include poor quality machining, excess water based paint lying on the moulding and over-thinning of the paint.

We can't do a great deal about the machining and paint quality, but the faster method of application and removal of a high quality paint primer by our Vacuum Coaters can reduce quite substantially the amount of fibre lifting. Changing to high solids paints and primers will also help, well always assuming these products aren't then thinned down!

Don't store MDF board after machining, doing so will allow water moisture to be absorbed by the fibres, these fibres will subsequently absorb any paint or primers applied instead of on the board, end-result being a rough finish and a grey off-white finish on the nose of the section.

A tip for coating MDF boards successfully is to denib the nose of the machined MDF moulding just before passing it through a coating machine. Reason being is that if the moulding are machined, denibbed, then coated straightaway with no delays, any nibs on the MDF will be removed, water vapour will not have time to be absorbed into the fibres, and the nose section will have a solid paint coated and smooth finish.

Because Vacuum Coaters do not use jets or brushes to coat MDF mouldings, instead relying on creating a vacuum in the coating chamber to provide the necessary suction of the paint off the moulding, a very high quality and smooth finish can be applied on all sides of the MDF board in one pass.

Any excess paint not applied to the MDF moulding is simply recirculated and used again and again on all the mouldings as they are quickly transfered though the paint coating process.

The paint coating speeds of MDF mouldings achievable through these Vacuum machines is vastly superior to hand spraying methods. We are not aware of a faster or simpler means to paint MDF moulding as when coated using a Palmer Primer Vacuum Coater.

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