Vacuum Drying System DS4-250

The Combined Vacuum coating and Drying System DS4-250 from Palmer Primer has been developed over several years to apply and dry high quality water based paint primers and stain products on a variety of timber and MDF mouldings to enhance their overall sales appearance.

Vacuum Drying System

This vacuum coating and drying system has been designed to apply a perfectly even coating of water based paints and stains onto timber and MDF mouldings ranging in size from 19mm x 50 architrave mouldings, to 250mm wide window board sections. From plain architraves, to some of the more complex window sections and ornate picture frames available today.

The potential savings of using this combined vacuum coating and drying system due to reduced re-handling of timber and MDF mouldings and the savings in paint usage and wastage compared to conventional spray applications in the coating process should be examined very closely.

Using the process of coating and removing the excess product by way of a vacuum rather than brushes, a very high quality finish can be achieved in no less time than using a brush priming machine, but far faster than is possible using a spray gun and spray booth, which is a very slow and wasteful process of applying paint primer onto timber and MDF mouldings.

The speed of the moulding through the Vacuum Drying system is infinitely variable between the speeds of 5 metres per minute and 35 metres per minute dependent upon the size of moulding being coated. This enables the operator to obtain the correct speed for the work in hand i.e. slow running speeds for large or short sections and higher speeds for smaller or longer sections.

Please click on the video below to view our more powerful DS4-300 Vacuum Drying system capable of coating and drying timber and MDF mouldings up to 300mm wide.

No brushes or jets are used in the vacuum coating and removal process, instead, templates are fitted which match the profile to be coated, these enable deeply rebated or Torus mouldings to be coated just as easily as P.S.E. sections.

A high quality finish is well within the capabilities of the machine, whether your contract specifies a thin dual coat product to be applied, or a heavier primer coat, this machine can apply it with the minimum of waste and down time.

MDF mouldings can be very difficult to coat successfully using conventional Brush priming machines without leaving obvious tram lines due to the absorbency of the product, present no problems to a Palmer Primer Combined Vacuum Drying system.

The finish possible on the top face on timber and MDF Board can be quite outstanding, with no brush or finger marks to mar the appearance.

NOTE: The drying system uses pin cross bars to convey the timber through the drying unit, which will result in markings on the underside of the timber rather than the more unsightly hand or strip markings on timber or MDF on the top face as is usually found with wet priming.

Even more remarkable is the ability to dry the paint film sufficiently to stack the timber or MDF straight out of the machine without the need to lat each layer - Lats may be required to stabilise the pack.

This system has been designed and manufactured using some of the very latest computer aided design and manufacturing systems to ensure a very high duty cycle for this machine, whilst at the same time, requiring the minimum of attention from the operators to produce high quality results.

The controls for operation of the Vacuum Coater and Drying system are mounted in one desk console, the settings for heater bank output and feed speed can be easily adjusted should the need arise with digital displays providing instant information to the operators.

The infra-red heater lamps are, we believe, among the most reliable on the market today, and are relatively inexpensive to replace when replacement is required.

We have worked closely with a number of specialist paint manufacturers who can now produce high quality and competitively priced paint primers and stain products in a variety of colours for use with this vacuum coating and drying unit.

The water based primers and stains available for use with our vacuum coating systems are relatively inexpensive to purchase, are more environmentally friendly to use than the very expensive UV and solvent borne products which are used on other systems.

Although the specification of this vacuum coating and drying machine is of the very highest quality, the associated paint priming or staining costs are very competitive.

Vacuum Coater specifications

The combined paint reservoir and vacuum chamber is manufactured from stainless steel plate which is very durable and is an excellent surface for cleaning down.

The machine is based upon four heavy duty castors, allowing easy manoeuvrability when required.

An air supply capable of supplying 19 C.F.M. @100 PSI is required for the pump, though normal operating range is between 25 to 50 PSI.

The minimum size of timber or MDF that can be coated is approx 50mm architrave, the maximum width of timber that can be primed is 250mm window board, and up to 50 mm high square posts. The minimum length is approximately 910mm.

Variable feed speed is between 5 metres and 35 metres per minute.

The suction of the unit can be adjusted depending upon the type and size of timber or MDF moulding being primed.

Drying System specifications

Infinitely variable power settings of infra-red heaters for optimum use of energy.

Instant on/off heat with enhanced controllability using the linear display power output controls.

Air cooled heater banks provide drying to all sides of the timber section. Cross-member pin design for minimal pin marking of the underside of the moulding whilst travelling through the drying system.

Concave aluminium reflectors used to enhance available energy.

Automatic heat sensors checking for possible overload situations of the heater banks.

Integrated control for all drive motors with facility to control further external conveyor motors if required.

Single desk control console for ease of operator use.

Specifications of the Conveyor - Front

High-adhesion low maintenance driven belt conveyor with adjustable height provision for uneven floors.

Ability to uncouple from Vacuum Coater should removal of Vacuum Coater be required for ease of cleaning.

Specifications of the Conveyor - Rear

Full length gravity conveyor with bearing rollers for minimum friction of timber with adjustable height provision.

Vacuum and Drying system DS4-250 specifications (approx)

Length of the machine including conveyors
Work take off height
Power usage (running)
Max air requirement
Maximum feed speed

13.5 metres
78kw - 3 phase + neutral & earth
19 c.f.m.
35 metres per minute

Timber sizes (approx)

Minimum width
Minimum length
Maximum width
Maximum height


We suggest a filtered and balanced incoming supply of 125 Amp or more (400v 50 Hz). Power consumption (3 phase) if this unit is run at 100% loading can reach (with no external extras) approximately 78 Kw, the heaters have a slow start controller built in, the two 4.0 Kw turbines fitted can pull up to double their loading on start-up, this should be borne in mind at the wiring stage and the ability of the mains to provide this amount of electricity should be noted and, if necessary uprated.

We ask you to arrange for both an electrical and an air supply to be connected to the machine, and for an electrician to connect the power supply to the main panel.

Paint specifications

This system has been designed for use with only WATER BASED paint products. The use of inflammable products is prohibited.

This system is suitable for use with many WATER BASED primers, paints and stains providing that have been approved in writing by their manufacturer. We accept no liability for damage caused through the use of incompatible coating products.

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