Vacuum Coater VC4

The latest Vacuum Coater from Palmer Primer is a vacuum coating machine designed to apply a high quality coating of water or white-spirit based primer, paint, stain or lacquer onto timber mouldings, MDF boards and picture frame mouldings.
Vacuum Coater VC4

Vacuum Coating Machinery Advantages

High quality Vacuum Coated finishes on timber & MDF board

Vacuum Coating machinery is ideally suited to applying high quality finishes of paint, stains and lacquers onto timber and MDF mouldings such as architrave, skirting board, window-board, torus mouldings, ogee, dado rail, etc.

The latest vacuum coater from Palmer Primer can apply an even coating of paint onto all four sides of a moulding in one pass, then remove most excess paint using an advanced vacuum coating process which will result in a very high quality painted, stained or lacquered finish.

Unlike conventional spray equipment, any paint not applied to mouldings is recirculated rather than wasted & any excess paint not used can be pumped into a bucket for use at a later date.

High quality finish on timber and MDF mouldings

A high quality finish can be achieved by use of vacuum coating machinery - advantageous to timber merchants, importers and joinery manufacturers who supply torus, bullnose and chamfer, ogee, architrave, skirting board, window board and dado rail, etc.

High speed coating of mouldings using a vacuum coater

Using vacuum coating machinery to coat timber and MDF boards can provide far higher quality finishes than compared to conventional brush priming - and far faster than spraying. Coating 7,000 to 10,000 linear metres of 50mm architrave per day is achievable.

Vacuum coating retains fine ornate detailing on picture frame mouldings

Fine ornate detailing is retained when using vacuum coating machinery instead of spraying, which is advantageous to picture frame manufacturers who are looking to improve output, improve quality and reduce paint costs.

Fast changeover times between different profiles

Easily removable aluminium templates are used in the upper vacuum coating chamber which enable fast changeover times between coating plain mouldings and more complex profiles.

Vacuum Coating machine specifications

This Vacuum Coating machine can apply many water and white spirit based primers, paints, stains and lacquers providing they are have been recommended for use by the paint manufacturers. Please contact your paint supplier for further details.

Vacuum Coater VC4 specifications (approx)

Length of the machine
Work take off height
Power usage (running)
Maximum air requirement
Maximum feed speed

9 Kw - 3 phase 400v
19 c.f.m.
40 metres per minute

Timber sizes (approx)

Minimum width
Minimum length
Maximum width
Maximum height

13mm quadrant

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